Tips For Business Owners That I Learned

  1. Most entrepreneurs are not “wealthy”, as a new time entrepreneur especially, you will be surrounded by much more financially successful employees. Being an entrepreneur does not make you better, or richer, than an employee.
  2. Your business partner is as important as a spouse, you will often spend more time with your partner than a spouse. Make sure you can trust them. If you don’t trust them 100 percent, don’t partner with them.
  3. Being an entrepreneur does not necessarily mean more freedom. Having employees, big ticket customers, an office space can be the opposite of freedom depending on your mentality.
  4. If a business influencer, youtuber, social media person does not reveal their actual financial information, DO NOT trust everything they say.
  5. The more esoteric your business, the better. Esoteric means “intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.” The easier it is to start your business, the faster it will get saturated. Focus on doing very difficult work that few people can reach.
  6. The media gets a lot of things wrong. Always keep that in mind. If they say something negative or positive about your industry, competitor or etc — do not take it as fact.
  7. Google Adwords is a great way to test your business idea, but it really depends on your business.
  8. People won’t care about your business as much as you. Don’t let it always be the main topic of your conversations.
  9. Health is more important than money. Good luck making money when you’re not in a good mental or physical space.
  10. A dip in sales is not good for staff morale.

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