Cryptonary: An HONEST Review | Is the course worth the money?

Disclaimer: Before you read the Cryptonary Course Review, please note that we are not financial advisors, please invest based on your own decisions.

What is Cryptonary exactly?

It is a premium signal feed for cryptocurrency investors.

We interviewed Dennis, a professional cryptocurrency day trader and investor.

He has been investing in cryptocurrency for 2 years and using Cryptonary for about 3-4 months.

Dennis trades with about $100,000 in capital with a focus on day trading.

He tries to get about 3% to 7% profit per trade.

Why did Dennis purchase access to Cryptonary?

Cryptonary is famous for his XRP call, where he profited $100,000 in a single trade.

That’s how Dennis first took notice.

How much does Cryptonary cost to access?

700 Pounds or 923.24 Dollars

What is your general opinion of Cryptonary?

It’s great, but it’s only good for longterm investors or HODLers.

This is not for day traders or for people who want to maximize daily profits and gains.

Is Cryptonary usually right?

Yes, he is usually right in the long term, but gives poor targeting advice if you are a day trader.

He doesn’t tell you when to sell. 

For example, he called ZRX at about 40 cents and it went up to almost $2! 

However, he didn’t call for anyone to sell it. 

ZRX is now below $1 and it would’ve been great if Cryptonary called to sell.

Dennis made a point to emphasize that Cryptonary is unideal for day traders and continued to do so during the interview. 

He is, of course, biased since he is a day trader.

Is Cryptonary worth a purchase for HODLers?


For people who don’t want to sit on a screen all day, Dennis believes Cryptonary is a great source of information.

Is Cryptonary a set-and-forget source of information?

Definitely not!

This was the most important part of the interview. 

Do not think that listening to Cryptonary, without making your own decisions, is going to be a good idea.

You NEED to understand what your are investing into and decide what’s best.

The calls CAN be wrong and you can lose a ton of money if all you do is listen to this one source.


Cryptonary is great for HODLers and probably will be great for day traders eventually.

However, Dennis has a Day Trading Signal Feed that he would like to promote.

Dennis’s Day Trading Feed: Crypto Planet

For $40/month, Dennis provides daily calls for day traders. 

If you use the discount code, “Amitly,” it will only be $20/month.

Amitly will earn referral commissions.

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Below are some of his recent calls, he shows how he made a 10% gain in a single day.

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Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 10.47.09 PM.png


Again, Dennis nor Amitly is certified to give any form of financial advice. Please make ALL decisions or purchases based on your own or a professional’s decisions. 

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