Welcome To Amitly

Amitly’s mission is simple: We give people peace of mind.

Amitly.com focuses on mentoring people how to make money online & passively.

We only makes money on quality products & services, we do not monetize products/services we do not believe in.

“Amitly” is a play off the term, “Amity.” Amity means: a friendly or harmonious relationship.

   About Us


Hey, my name is Max, I’m the CEO and founder of Amitly.

I used to run and currently an investor in a sports technology company, Wooter.

Wooter makes custom uniforms and apparel, mobile apps and websites for the best sports organizations in the world.

Check it out at www.WooterApparel.com

Wooter has been ranked as one of the best companies in the USA 2 years in a row by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Now, I help companies with their ecommerce needs, invest and build Amitly.

The easiest way to contact me is by Direct Messaging me on Instagram or emailing our team at https://amitly.com/contact/