2 Main Ways To Recruit Excited Volunteers

There are 2 main ways to recruit excited volunteers:

Number 1: Volunteers want to get their foot in the door.

If someone works for you for free, they might just want to enter your industry but lack the talent & connections to do so.

Make it clear to them that you are their door!

For example: If someone wants to become a veterinarian, they normally volunteer in animal rescue shelters.

As a recruiter, make it clear to them you have a lot of respect & connections in the local industry — Like nearby veterinarians and animal hospitals. 

Of course, there are people who volunteer altruistically, but what’s wrong with providing realistic & practical rewards? 

Number 2: Volunteers want to build their resumes/portfolios.

Unpaid workers usually have a chicken & egg problem.

They need experience to get a job but cannot get a job because they lack the experience.

Make it clear to them that you will go out of your way to help them build their resume/portfolio.

Make it clear to them that you can help them get a well paying job in the near future.

Again, many people volunteer for the greater good, but it’s okay to reward people.

Especially young people who are concerned about their economic security. 

Max, CEO of HEW

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