About Amitly

My name is Max.

Amitly is a modern day media company that focuses on promoting people and organizations with digital content.

"Amitly" is a play off the term, "Amity." Amity means: a friendly or harmonious relationship.

I used to run and currently an investor in a sports technology company, Wooter. Wooter makes custom uniforms and apparel, mobile apps and websites for the best sports organizations in the world. Check it out at www.WooterApparel.com and www.WooterApp.com

Wooter has been ranked as one of the best companies in the USA 2 years in a row by Entrepreneur Magazine: https://www.entrepreneur.com/company/wooter

Now, I help companies with their supplier and commerce needs (more on this later), invest and build Amitly. 

I write about the things I am interested in my blog: https://amitly.com/blog/

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Amitly builds super helpful, tight-knight and moderated communities. You can join them if you like. 

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If you have inquiries for Amitly or anything else, feel free to email me at Amitly101@gmail.com or just fill out the form below.

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